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  A Quarter Century in Commodity Export

Chaiyaporn Rice Co.,Ltd. established on April 3, 1968 with nine co-founders and six employees. Latterly, there were changes in the company's
executives and shareholders.

At present, the company has 80 permanent employees and about 500 daily - workers on wages basis. Total value of commodity exported at
about 7 billion baht per year. The company enjoyed steady growth and massive expansion with sales revenue moved up much significantly.
Attributed to hard efforts and extensive marketing concentration. Awareness of market keen competition and minimizing export costs as ell as
maintaining high quallity of Thai agricultural and farm products fully meeting international requirement with satisfied shipment service are the company's
policy to success.

The company pioneered shipping Thai fragrant rice to the Middle East Countries by selling about 70,000 - 100,000 tons a year and also made
Thai fragrant rice well - known among Arab Nations.

The company topped in Thai rice export and ranked number one for three consecutive years, in 1977 - 1978 -1979 respectively, before applying
a conservative policy stressing product quality and rate of return from export. There after the company still maintained the top five ranks successively
unchange up till now

Head Office : 613-617 Songwad Road Sampantawong Bangkok 10100 Thailand